New investments and growth of international and local companies leads to new real estate development projects not only in Vilnius city, but also in it‘s suburbs. Therefore there are a deficit of multifunctional business centres with suitable infrustructure, where You can have modern office, shoowroom, warehouse or industrial premises in one place. BUSINESS CENTRE VILIJA – is a separate teritory with highly developed infrustructure. Business centre is in a calm and green place beyond the pine park, but at the same time near the main roads and connections of a city. FIRST STAGE: In 2009 years was built a modern 21 000 sq.m logistic centre, consisting of 18 000 sq.m warehouse and 3000 sq.m office premises. JSC „Eugesta“ distribution centre is located there. The building was planned and constructed so that it can be modified easily according to growing office and showroom space demand.

SECOND STAGE: In 2013 years was built 13 804 sq.m HUMANA People to People Baltic centre, where clothes from West of Europe are sorted. Building is equipted with Belgian automatic sorting machines. ADVANTAGES OF BUSINESS PARK VILIJA. It is 7 km from city centre, near to highway Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipėda, road to Warsaw, Trakai, Alytus, Druskininkai and south bypass. MAIN TENANTS. JSC „EUGESTA“ ( is the only tenant of a first stage. In a second stage buildings HUMANA People to People Baltic centre is settled down.


Territory – 7 ha
Stage 1
End of construction – July 2009;
Area - 21000 sqm (18000 sqm – warehouses; 3000 sqm – offices)
Stage 2
End of construction – January 2013;
Area 13804 sqm warehouse.

Contact person
Ernestas Stiklinskas
"Ogrenta", Ogmios group 
Ph.    +370 5 2741468        
GSM  +370 650 11 986        
Fax. +370 5 2300174